Wednesday, July 13, 2016

LOL Kitchen Gadgets - Potato Clock

A fun little gadget you can get for your kitchen (or anywhere you don't mind having a couple of potatoes sitting around) is a Potato Clock.

Now, obviously, before you buy any clock, you would want to know whether it's accurate. Yes it is. The potato doesn't determine the accuracy, the electronics do. The potatoes just supply the power.

And they can last a long time! A science experiment clock using potatoes of 1 pound each apparently lasted a whopping 561 hours, or over 3 weeks. And I'm assuming those are raw potatoes because if you boil them, they can apparently last around 10 times as long.

This miracle battery from Jerusalem can be shipped to your home for less than $10, but if you are too cheap to buy that and don't mind some MacGyver-ing you can make your own potato clock. You obviously need a small clock -- one that runs on small batteries.

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