Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Knorr Onion Soup

Found some Knorr Onion Soup on sale at Superstore and decided to try it. Based on the packaging I thought it was an onion dip mix, but it's actually primarily a soup, with alternative uses.

The flavour is a savoury onion flavour, and pretty good, EXCEPT it is salty salty salty.

Did I mention it is salty? Can I say it more than four times? Because it's crazy salty if you follow the recipes. I tried the "Juicy Burger" recipe and the "Onion Dip" recipe, and both came out really salty.
For the onion dip (sour creme + onion soup mix), the colour was also very, very, different from the picture on the package, which suggests a clean creamy white. It's actually more like brown (see pictures below).

Recommend you halve the quantities indicated in the recipes for Onion Dip and Juicy Burger, and cautiously add more if you are not satisfied with the saltiness or onion flavour.

Knorr Onion Soup - box (front) and onion dip

Knorr Onion Soup - box (back) and pouch

Knorr Onion Soup - Onion Dip

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