Sunday, September 4, 2016

TAKO (Taqueria Koreano) needs bulk pricing

TAKO (Taqueria Koreano) Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Small clean place at the dingy foot of Stadium Skytrain Station (stadium exit). Things on the menu look reasonably priced to slightly expensive, except the tacos. Which are OK-sized but at almost $4 each, very pricey to put together a meal with, if you want any chance of actually having a filling meal. They said they were new and don't have bulk pricing yet.

Tacos are standard size but only one taco shell each instead of the usual two. Fillings are light -- lighter than almost every other taco place I've tried -- but fluffy-ish so it looks like a good quantity. My Jeju Taco didn't overflow or squish out or tear through the shell because the fillings were wet when I pinched the shells together, so you don't really need two shells.

Veggie options for tacos also really weak compared to many Mexican-ish taco places, so vegetarians should definitely look carefully at the online menu before going.

Jeju Taco ($3.45) Spicy pork belly
  • Tasted like nicely done shredded BBQ pork with a slight sweet glaze. Nothing spicy or spicy-hot here.
  • Overall tasty but small and pricey. Other than the novelty of having it in a taco, it's just nicely grilled meat.
2016-Sep-3 TAKO - jeju taco

2016-Sep-3 TAKO - gangnam (left), jeju (right)

Corn Chips ($2.95)
  • Sour cream for dipping was $1 extra (are you kidding me?).
  • Slightly darker shaded chips tasted bitter-burnt. Hard to tell which but too bitter to be tasty and random enough to ruin your enjoyment.
  • Sure could use a dusting of salt or something salty.
2016-Sep-3 TAKO

2016-Sep-3 TAKO

2016-Sep-3 TAKO

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