Sunday, January 15, 2017

Can't buy Mach 3 Razors at @realcdnss Real Canadian SuperStore

I dropped by the Metrotown Superstore today to TRY to buy Mach 3 razor cartridges. Turns out the cases were PADLOCKED (why?).
I looked around and found an attendant in the area, who said she didn't work that that particular department, and pointed me to another attendant even further away.
That second attendant also apparently didn't work in the department but at least came over to verify the issue and then said she'd call for someone to unlock the case. I told her I'd stay in the aisle with the cartridges.
Shortly after, she dropped by and assured me someone was on the way. That's when I secretly started the timer on my cellphone. I gave them 5 minutes, and when no one came, I left the store. Not gonna wait any more, PLUS stand in the usual interminable lineups to pay for it.

Strangely, SOME of the cases were not padlocked while others were. Hmm.

2017-Jan-15 Metrotown Superstore - products padlocked, cannot access

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