Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Specialty Food Expo 2017 - Wize Monkey

One of the interesting things the Specialty Food Expo 2017 did was have a contest for a selected number of new companies. Attendees then vote for the one they like best and that company wins a prize. This obviously helps them get attention at the Expo but also gets people moving around to look for the stall, which also gets them moving around in general.

2015-Jan-15 Specialty Food Expo 2017 - voting form

My pick was Wize Monkey. Not because I'm some kind of tea connoisseur and these teas are the bomb -- I really can't tell and tea is tea and I honestly just go to Superstore and buy what's cheap to flavour my boiled tap water. But what I like about Wize Monkey is that it's a simple concept that can have a profound positive social impact.

Coffee is a seasonally harvested product. So why not do something in the off season by making a product from the coffee leaves? With any luck this idea will catch on and the price will go down to less than coffee.

Specialty Food Expo 2017 - Wize Monkey

Specialty Food Expo 2017 - Wize Monkey

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