Friday, July 14, 2017

Ouisi Bistro has outdoor seating out back

Ouisi Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Pleasant summer weather means you can dine outdoors out back at Ouisi Bistro, although a bee had a strange fascination with the fried chicken I ordered--until I gobbled up all the meat. The interior is dimly lit so if you like light and a bit of sun and especially if it happens to be crowded inside the restaurant main, see if you can get a seat outside.

Following an old raving recommendation for the fried chicken, that's what I ordered. Luckily we didn't get any appetizer because all our near-$20 plates had pretty heaping portions! Our small party did manage one dessert to share afterwards though.

Southern Fried Chicken ($17) Three pieces of Rossdown Farms buttermilk mainated chicken. Double crusted and served with Yukon Gold-roasted garlic mash potatoes and jicama slaw (and cornbread)
  • By "double crusted" they first fry the chicken, then batter it and bake it.
  • I got two thighs and a wing. The thighs were juicy but the wing was dry. Maybe they did all three at the same time and the wing dried out faster?
  • No crunchy crust! If that's what you are looking for in fried chicken, pass.
  • Heaping plate but depending on your appetite, it might be too much. You might want to share this or just eat slowly and sit around and chat with your friends longer?
  • Cornbread tasted okay but seemed a bit dry. Probably a personal preference thing.
  • I recommend giving this chicken a pass. It's not bad, but it's not that interesting compared to the rest of the menu, especially if you haven't had much exposure to this cuisine.
2017-Jul-13 - Southern Fried Chicken

2017-Jul-13 - Southern Fried Chicken

2017-Jul-13 - Southern Fried Chicken

2017-Jul-13 - Cornbread

Big Daddy Fry's Bread Pudding ($6.50)
  • TIP: ASK FIRST what it involves. Came with some whipping cream (?) which had a pungent surprise in it. Was it stinky goat cheese? I personally gag on that so it turned me off right away.
  • Came warm but also dry. Recommend you pass, but if you are really curious, do yourself a favour and ask about it first.
2017-Jul-13 - Big Daddy Fry's Bread Pudding

2017-Jul-13 - Big Daddy Fry's Bread Pudding

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