Tuesday, April 24, 2018

KFC Belgian Waffle Double Down

KFC Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Until April-29th you can get KFC's "Double Down" -- two slabs of chicken breast meat sandwiching something. In this Canadian iteration, it's a belgian waffle.
Should you get it?

The baseline version is sauced with maple aioli but I was offered the choice of spicy sauce. Tomato is extra. The drink and side combo is actually optional, so if you like you can just get the Double Down on its own for $8.69.

  • For the price if you're comparing it to other burgers you basically get twice the amount of meat and does work out to a fairly filling meal on its own.
  • Chicken slabs were probably under the heat lamp till assembled and definitely not as flavourful or juicy as a freshly fried piece of KFC. But otherwise the meat is actually tender and moist. It's also unclear whether it's actually feasible to give you two piping hot pieces of fried chicken since you'd be hard pressed to properly pick it up as a burger.
  • The waffle in the middle is tender, a bit chewy, and sweet on top of being dusted with sugar.
  • The amount of maple aioli is fair but obviously hard to distribute properly no thanks to the waffle grid.
  • As burger composition goes, I found the sweetness of the waffle to interfere too much with the savory chicken crust, which wasn't exceptionally strong or salty. Normally a good thing (not too much sodium!) except the waffle quite overpowers the Double Down.
Overall, for the limited time novelty you can try it and the price is okay for a fairly filling portion. But if you're looking for tasty chicken go with plain freshly fried KFC instead.

Staff are probably trained to be mechanically aggressive with upsell to combos and extras so be ready for that. Not pushy about it if you decline though. More like making sure it gets mentioned.

2018-Apr-24 KFC - belgian waffle Double Down

2018-Apr-24 KFC - belgian waffle Double Down

2018-Apr-24 KFC - belgian waffle Double Down

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