Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Riz Sushi

Riz Sushi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Riz Sushi hosted a Yelp Elite event and I was lucky to be selected -- it's a small space and not a lot of room to jam a lot of people in.
So obviously I should start with a disclaimer: We got free stuff. A wide sampling of their current menu, as well as their crunchy fried chicken breast burger which should launch very soon.

If you've been to the place years past and hated it, Riz Sushi is definitely worth another visit. They've been under new management for the last three years or so. It wasn't an immediate turnaround with this new management, either. They quickly decided to focus on catering and chopped down their restaurant menu to Poke bowls.
But now they have a strong menu and are basically re-launching their restaurant -- and fighting an uphill battle against the baggage of low reviews that the restaurant is carrying from its earlier days.

Our food samples did NOT have a single sushi roll in sight! If you're looking for a sushi-ingredient-themed restaurant that's not just sushi sushi sushi again, give this place a go.
Not everything is 5-star, in my opinion -- for example, the "Curry Udon" could use more of the curry part -- but overall what I tried had more than a mere passing grade.
Their salads are light and the dressing is refreshing and not overpowering.
Their standout is the chicken karaage, easily one of the best I've had. And now they are launching a chicken burger with a spicy super-crunchy crispy chicken breast that's a real winner. Definitely look out for that on the menu.

Oh, and they "embellished" the original mural with "rappers".

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