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Life in the Lower Mainland is primarily a restaurant review blog. It started out as a personal blog, but because I eat out quite frequently, it's basically become a blog about my dining experiences. Only once in a while you may see a few other things, often food related such as specific products I got from the supermarket or a free sample I got from SocialNature.

Since people do often take pictures for Instagram or Facebook, I have been convinced by friends to just loosen up and relax on my previous not-taking-pictures policy to remain an uncover/anonymous reviewer. So we now have pictures. Whereas in the past, I had largely adhered to a no-pictures policy. I'm still pretty sure no one knows I'm going to blog about their restaurant, though.
Nowadays I try to have a pen in the picture to give an idea of scale.

Restaurant reviews tend to be more about individual dishes, and I'm sure every restaurant has winners and duds, so don't let a damning review make you think the entire menu is lousy. It is surely not. You can just avoid what I ordered to narrow your list of choices and increase your chances of getting a great meat.

I am open to suggestions as to where to go and what to eat! If you are a restaurant, I could possibly write a post in your favour but it'd have to be clearly disclosed as such. If you ask me to visit your restaurant, I most likely will, but I really can't make any promises about what I'm going to write about it...

Questions? Request? Get ahold of me at grail_quest@hotmail.com. :D

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