Sunday, August 22, 2010

sexxci_horny is also on DatingSecure

In my last post, I mentioned "sexxci_horny" ( who wanted me to sign up with Well, since I didn't respond to that, she's now sent me an even more direct take-my-money site:

Her E-mail #3
Heey I still haven't heard from you on that other site..... I'm still interested in hooking up, but I still want to be safe about it.
Can you please contact me on this site.... .
I've just never done a online hookup thing before so I don't know what works and what doesn't but this one does for sure.
i'll be online waiting for you in the chat room.

Hope to hear from you soon.
xoxo redirects to and up front it asks to charge your credit card $1 for 3 days of access. From the name of the site, it looks like whatever cheezy affiliate company is behind this is tying up the "secure date" search results with their websites.

Oh, and she's sent more pics. Check 'em out:

ejkeliu4viola9c_hotmail_com picture 4

ejkeliu4viola9c_hotmail_com picture 5

ejkeliu4viola9c_hotmail_com picture 6

ejkeliu4viola9c_hotmail_com picture 7


  1. She just sent me the same exact pics with the same exact message, in a Craigslist ad -- I suppose we should watch out! Is it possible people like this are also, through the link they provide, trying to infect a person's computer with key logger software or other malware, or is it just a sleazy scam to get you to spend money on the website behind the link?

  2. @Anonymous - I've heard various stories. Some involve collecting your credit card information and charging you money on things they bury in the fine print that no one reads. Or they just collect your info and resell to bulk mailers.

    Glad you didn't fall for any of it!

  3. Oct 9
    she is at it again. Calling herself Stef with new photos but topless for me, with request to have sex, if we use condoms. Smoking hot scam.

  4. dam i didn't get those good pics

  5. damn neither did I get any pics but same username on the same website as above asked me to sign up for verification. Plus this time email address was different...

  6. no money no credit card/plese dont contact i have no money or credit card looking for employment/davey

  7. Yeah she is still spamming ads on almost 2 years later.