Saturday, November 27, 2010

Anyone remember the dangers of cellphones?

Hi Everyone!

In this day and age, it's a bit extreme, but I (still) don't have a cellphone.
(And actually, it's not about the dangers of radiation from cellphones -- I just don't want one, okay?)
If you do have one, you may vaguely remember that there was a bit of a scare with cellphones. Here are some clips from Larry King Live:

The Oprah website had an article in February with basic reminders about cell phone dangers and how to avoid them. (Yeah, it's by "Doctor Oz", but never mind the name -- just read the article).

All of this may have fallen off your radar as news quickly does these days. I was reminded about all this when just the other day, an e-mail landed in my inbox, all the way from the UK. It talks about a quartz device called the PhoneShield, which reduces radiation from a cellphone. Their website includes a slow and boring clip showing that the device actually does reduce radiation. You can fast forward a bit to get to the results of the tests with and without the PhoneShield attached.

There's also an interesting "Kinesiology Test", which may look familiar to you if you've had simple experiments about positive/negative emotions on your body.

Another product, from Canadian company EarthCalm, claims to actually transform the radiation into a healing energy field. No fancy Youtube proofs on the site, but instead they offer a 90-day money back guarantee, during which you are supposed to monitor yourself for improvements.

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