Thursday, December 23, 2010

Celebrity Cruises Alaskan Inside Passage 2000 memoirs part 5

Around September 2000 I took an Alaskan Inside Passage cruise on the Celebrity Cruises ship "Galaxy". I didn't bring a camera, but I did eventually receive a few pictures from someone I briefly corresponded with from the cruise.

Celebrity Cruises - Alaska - 2000 - 01

This was a very outgoing couple at our table and I think we were all drawn to their charisma. I actually remember not realizing at first that the missus was actually a bit on the portly side, as that definitely wasn't the first thing anyone noticed.

The only reason I remember their names -- Thane and Ellen Ostroth -- is because they sent me a holiday card.

Anyway, at some point someone asked how they met, and from what I remember of the story, he was recommended to her as a dentist. It was Halloween, and while she was waiting in the waiting room, out he sprang, dressed like the Devil.

They went all-out on the cruise, which meant taking in the best side trips. Honestly, unless you're good at quickly arranging something at each port to do on your own, you either end up shopping, eating, or doing boring things you could do at home.
Somewhere along the way, she picked up a small collection of crystals etched with animals on the inside. They were beautiful ornaments, but bigger than your fist and altogether weighed a lot. He balked at hauling her "rocks" around. I remember quipping that they weren't "rocks", but "precious stones" -- and that re-framing had her sitting smugly.

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