Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

In a few short hours, it'll be another year.

So much has happened this year to me, my work life, my friends and friendships -- Sometimes it seems the older I get, the more interesting, dramatic, and generally eventful my life gets.

And old and long-lost friend old me once upon a time that he had a New Year's tradition of writing down all the crappy things that had happened to him on little pieces of paper, and throwing them into the fireplace to burn them away, and start the New Year fresh.

Not everyone has a fireplace (and no, it's not quite the same using a shredder), but I do hope that you can emotionally and spiritually leave behind many of the past hurts and disappointments and start the New Year rejuvenated.

I don't imagine I'll have quite the same opportunity as I dig through my box of keepsakes, as they are sure to bring back all sorts of memories -- and probably a few regrets.
I'm still not entirely decided about keeping only digital copies of keepsakes and photographs, but what's done is done. Even if I completely forget everything and everyone, I hope to hold on to the goodwill that came from the giver, and try to keep alive the good that was in me to deserve their love.


Happy New Year, everybody.

And Good Luck out there.

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