Sunday, March 20, 2011

Under-$4 Pizza!

Happy days are here! For singles who can't cook, anyway.

Way back, I wrote about massive almost-1-kilogram frozen pizza deal at Superstore or Save on Foods for $5 or a few cents under.

Those deals are sometimes still around, but the latest craze seems to be smaller pizzas which are more or less personal-sized (although 2 pizzas can probably be a moderate dinner for 3 people, especially if you throw in a bit of home-made salad or garlic bread). They have lighter crusts or sometimes thin crusts, and interesting ingredients -- and are on sale for a few cents less than $4.
The up side of this is a slightly smaller serving so you don't feel inclined to polish off a pizza that's normally too much for you, and there's no troublesome leftover pizza to re-heat the next day.
Also, if you still believe in a low-carb diet, then less crust should please you.

So far, I rather like Dr. Oetker's Panebello Pizza, which features a slightly thinner crust, but not exactly flat. The crust is also lighter -- crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. It won't make you feel full on crust alone. The Vegetable and Goat Cheese one is really tasty. The 12-14 minute baking time didn't pan out for us, though -- it definitely needed more time in the oven. The crust survived nicely despite the longer baking time than instructed.
As this brand of pizza normally sells for about $7, now is definitely the time to give it a try.

Also on special right now at either Save-On-Foods or Superstore are McCain's Ultra-Thin Crust Pizza and (of course) if you shop at Superstore, you'll see their own President's Choice competing brand, offering you more or less their version of thin crust pizza, but at maybe 20 cents less.

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