Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coconut at Organic Lives

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After hearing vegan acquaintances rave about it over and over, I finally got myself down to Organic Lives (around Quebec and 2nd). The initial plan was to rope a few friends together and order one of every dessert. Didn't quite work out schedule-wise, so it was just me and one foodie buddy.

I (of course) ordered and shared "The Ridiculous", expecting it to be chocolate cake since that was what everyone said it was. Well, it was no cake. More like a pie with delicious, smooth, thick (but not too hard) ganache. It is kept slightly chilled at the counter, and if not gulped down it will start to melt at around room temperature (it was a bit of a hot day when we went, though the ceiling fans were blowing).
It's really more like the simple shot-of-chocolate PC Tarte au Chocolat, but with a chocolatey crust and infused with coconut. Not too much of it in the ganache itself, but enough to give it a light, magical touch.
Definitely try it at a mere $7, and a sharable portion considering how much chocolate it will be.

My friend ordered "The OMG", described online as "We dare you not to say it...coconut is a personal obsession of mine and not just because it is the single greatest food on the planet. This is love at first bite and coconut cream forever after".
It was definitely very coconutty, but I was a bit turned off by the texture / sensation in my mouth. It's a very light cream, and in my mouth felt like froth. Otherwise it tasted alright.

I also tried one of the funny drinks, the only one without the ingredients listed -- The "Blue Moon". $15. Tasted like -- you guessed it -- coconut. And something else. Algae, maybe. It was a blue suspension in what was probably coconut water. Tasted a bit gross, actually, but supposedly good for you. It was brought out first as it was supposedly better for your body when downed without any food.
A bit of a gamble at $15. I recommend you ask what the ingredients are first.

In the freezers are a few odds and ends that might be curious to try. I walked out with a fresh seaweed salad to try at home.

Aside: Although you can order at the counter, it's actually a sit-down restaurant, and during your meal there are bussers who will top up your water. So, if you paid at the counter and didn't put down a tip, expecting coffee shop service to go with the sort-of-like-a-coffee-shop ambiance, be kind and throw down a tip before you leave.

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