Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fresh gourmet food at Feastro

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Went by Feastro last week for an afternoon date. She had a tight lunch hour, and there was some confusion over where we were supposed to meet, so we just had a measly half hour to dine and dash. Fortunately, things worked out anyway.

The Feastro purple truck had only a moderate line up, possibly because the service was pretty fast. The prices are fair for what you get, considering it's pretty much restaurant quality on a disposable plate. The food seemed to be hot and fresh -- there were no signs that my sweet potato fries were reheated as they were hot and crispy!

I got the Manila Clams from the fresh sheet (not normally available; $14.60 after tax if I remember correctly) and my date picked out the Crab and Shrimp cake ($13 before tax) -- her second choice, because they were out of Bonzai Prawns.

The clams came in a savoury, tasty broth that was almost piping hot. By the time I was done slurping out the clams from their little shells, the broth was still quite hot and made a nice soup to finish my sweet potato fries.

My date was still picking over her Crab and Shrimp cake, which looked like a giant hockey puck and was possibly bigger than her fist! (Well, okay -- she's a bit petite and has a small fist).

As first impressions go, I was blown away. This has got to be the best ever food cart lunch I've had -- I'm impressed enough to want to invite some downtown lunch friends to try it.
You'd probably end up paying more for a sit-down meal (after including tip) and spending more time there. As it was, we were more or less done in the half hour available -- line up, order, and eating. The location is also super-convenient for the abundance of shady benches, more benches across the street all around the spacious convention centre grounds and the Olympic Torch. Add the view from the Sea Wall and the whole experience is better than being crammed in a patio somewhere!

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