Monday, August 22, 2011

President's Choice Rip and Dip Pizza

If you've read this blog on and off, you may know that I've been quite pleased with the value-for-dollar of frozen pizza. With pizza wars between Superstore and Save-On-Foods driving down the price to a few pennies less than $5 every now and then, it's hard to shake off $5 as being the par price for reasonable quality.

Every year, Superstore / President's Choice comes up with new products, and there were a few new pizza products in the latest flyer. One of them is the PC Cheese Rip and Dip Pizza (there's also a pepperoni one). It's a new product, so you can expect the price to be closer to $8.

It's also a great idea IN THEORY -- There's the convenience of not having to cut the pizza after you bake it, plus it comes with dipping sauce (which basically tastes like spaghetti sauce). Also not much crust, since you're pulling chunks apart. Finally, the crust/bread is already baked (and too brown, almost burnt-looking, on top, in my opinion) so theoretically you only need to heat it up quickly, although it still says 16-19 minutes in the oven plus 3 minutes cool-down.

Where it falls flat is the very thin toppings. Really, on the cheese one, there's hardly anything there. It may be slightly better with the pepperoni one since you're pretty much guaranteed at least one slice of pepperoni per bread chunk, but for now, I'd give it a pass and wait for the price to come down to, if possible, around $4.

With the pull-apart structure, some of the other regular topping combos may not work out well since the cheese tends to hold everything together, and when you tear apart the crust, they may get stuck to neighboring pieces and not come off cleanly. But we'll see... they may still be able to get it to work in the future, in which case Rip and Dip would definitely be worth revisiting.

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  1. Exactly what I was thinking about the Cheese Rip n Dip. It was not worth it. I would recommend adding your own toppings to this (more cheese) before you bake it.