Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vegan Cupcakes from Edible Flours

If you're the type to balk at $3.00 cupcakes and look at how you could get four for the same price at Safeway, you should stop reading now. Talking about $4 cupcakes will be meaningless to you. If you are willing to pay for that extra notch of quality, however, then you should definitely consider Edible Flours.

As far as specialty cupcakes go, $3 to $4 for a single cupcake from Edible Flours (2280 West Broadway, between Vine & Yew) is par for the course, if you compare Edible Flours with, say, that pink cupcake franchise, Cupcakes. What Edible Flours have over Cupcakes is that you get the option of Soy Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, and/or Sugar Free, all on top of natural ingredients and vegan baking. If you're vegan, beggars can't be choosers.

As cupcakes go, there are plusses and minuses here, but mostly plusses. The cakes are moist and overall very well made. The icing is very generous, more so than what you get from machine-made stuff in the supermarket (though for those who are used to watching waistlines, this can actually be daunting). Most importantly, they are tasty. These are the basics and they've got it covered. Plus they look beautiful: No lop-sided machine-splatted icing here.

The minuses: In-store selection can be small, but that probably depends on what time of the day you swing by. A more severe drawback is that the icing sometimes has a clear flour-like taste that commands more attention that the actual flavour, but of the three cupcakes I bought, only two of the three had this problem.

The cupcakes are also less spongy than most, and the density is closer to a muffin, so it's actually quite filling compared to your regular cupcake. One could possibly do you for breakfast. Whether you like this trait or not is up to you.


  1. edible flours is way to sweet. My whole family went there and none of us ate more than half of each of our treats.Plus, each time I've gone there they have not had very many products, compared to what is on their website.

  2. @Anonymous - I have to agree they came out quite sweet, but I didn't hold it against them. All the cupcakes I've had anywhere (not just from Edible Flours) have had a lot of sweetness from the cream, so it seems the norm.

    Product selection, however, is something else.