Saturday, January 7, 2012

Adobo Sliders at Roaming Dragon

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The Vancouver Food Bloggers met this afternoon at the Vancouver Art Gallery before dispersing into the city to try various food carts. I went with just two others in a tiny trio and discovered that dividing food into three is annoying. Most things divvy into two. At three, the portion for some reason ends up being awkward. We also discovered that rainy days are the best for visiting food carts because there's no lineup!

The first stop for us was Roaming Dragon, on Burrard near Robson, basically across the street from HMV. The theme here is globally-inspired gourmet food with a menu that changes every few months. We were grazing, so I just picked up a pair of Adobo Sliders for us ($6 for 2).

The Sliders are sold in pairs and they refused to sell us just one. It looked like basically the buns came in pairs, and maybe selling just one would have thrown off their count. And each bun was small enough that they dissuaded us from cutting it up to share with the three of us. One person bowed out this time to make things work out.

If you're not Filipino, you may not know that adobo is a type of marinated meat. At Roaming Dragon, they use a mix of chicken and pork meat, and it looks like the result is pulled so you're not getting chunks. Instead, you get a very juicy tender amount of meat under token greens (bean sprouts).

The presentation is neat, and pretty with the greens on top. The fluff of greens also makes the sliders look fat, but really it's not. However, for sliders, the amount of meat inside is fairly good in relation to the bun size, which is around the size of a dinner roll. The marinated meat tastes great. Also, the buns were toasted slightly on the inside -- a nice touch.

Considering that it's very nicely put together and it tastes great, at $6 for the pair the cost might feel a bit high, but not by too much. This isn't a really fancy slider like those from from Stackhouse Burger Bar that can run you over $15 each. A simpler slider like a square bun with braised pork from Terracotta Modern Chinese is $10 for three.

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