Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Xoxolat Chocolate - WestCoast Breakfast with Chili

Yesterday I wrote a bit about my drop-in on XOXOLAT Chocolaterie, and I mentioned a chocolate with bacon in it. I finally unwrapped it today, and shared a chunk with my mom, who's notoriously difficult to impress with food.
My mom secretly likes chocolate (even though she always complains I spend too much money buying it for her). But will she like funky chocolate? We'll see how much of it "disappears" over the next week, but initial impressions weren't promising. Neither was she impressed by the chocolate--versus-candy angle.

XOXOLAT WestCoast Breakfast with Chili

The chili flavour is thoroughly mixed in with the chocolate, and appears as a surprisingly hot aftertaste. Not so hot that you're reaching for cold water or yogurt to put out a fire in your mouth, but there's definitely enough heat to give your tongue a good tingle. Any bitter spiciness from chili is offset by the chocolate.

Can't say I detected the influence of expresso. Or maybe my attention was too focussed on the chili.

The bacon appears embedded into the chocolate, in small, tough, chewy bits of varying size. The two I isolate so far suggests they are the size of bacon bits, but as I eat up more of the bar, I'll know for sure. Not much maple flavour here either -- or, again, everything may have been smothered by the pervasive chili flavour. It's also a bit of an annoying experience to suddenly come across a chewy chunk of bacon when I'm having chocolate.

Overall, for $4 + tax, I'd skip this. If you really want chili with your chocolate, there's bound to be another bar, without the intrusive texture of bacon.

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