Monday, April 23, 2012

Buffalo Burger at Seb's Market Café

Seb's Market Café on Urbanspoon This past weekend was a busy three days of meeting friends -- and eating! Friday's late lunch was at Seb's Market Café because my dining companion was of the opinion that the words "vegan" and "burger" should never go together, so Loving Hut Express was out.

At around 2pm when we walked in, things were already winding down. It was two hours to close (they close at the early hour of 4pm) and whatever lunch rush was clearly over and the restaurant was basically deserted.

It'd been years since I'd gone to Seb's. Strangely, the menu looks the same -- I could have sworn I had their Cranberry Pecan Sourdough Sandwich way back when. This time around, I tried the [Moroccan] Spiced Buffalo Burger ($12; grilled sweet onion, roasted root vegetables) and a spinach-honeydew shake--the only one with a vegetable in it.

The shake is made with either milk or juice (I opted for juice) and has three choices for optional add-ons (75¢ each): spirulina, protein powder, and echinacea. I'd had drinks with algae in them from Organic Lives and wasn't keen to try yet another, so fortunately the server suggested protein powder. However, that may have dulled the taste of the shake itself, as the spinach showed up in the pleasant green colour but not really in taste. The honeydew gave the drink a mild sweetness only. Using juice instead of milk apparently didn't boost the flavour much.

The burger was simply composed, with a largish bun and a burger of regulation thickness but generous width. Everything else -- even the sauce -- was token in the burger. What dominated the taste was the tasty spiced burger itself (not spicy in the chili-hot way). You could probably drop the bun and still be satisfied with the taste and portion of the patty. For $12 you got a plate that had a side of large wedges of sweet potatoes. This was a really decent deal in both quality and portion size, especially in comparison with other burger places I'd been to quite recently.

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