Monday, June 11, 2012

Refreshing Crispy Choux at the Bel Cafe

Bel Cafe on Urbanspoon I haven't been to the Bel Cafe since December, so I happily went along when Posh Pudding suggested we drop by to see what they had after a lacklustre dinner on Friday at Taza. Although she is enamoured of their little lemon tart, we spotted the lonely Crispy Choux left on the plate and snapped it up.
It's the last one left, so it had to be good, right?

Happily, it turned out that it was really good! The Crispy Choux is about the size of a tennis ball. It looks crusty and crispy on the outside, but it's not (or maybe because it was the end-of-the-day pastry and the shell had softened?). It's not exactly leathery or even chewy, however. Overall it's very much like a cream puff, just with a bark-like appearance on the outside.

The chocolatey cream is shot in from underside, and there's a nice full amount of it. I've had problems with finishing something that's too much (or basically made out of) cream (such as some of the offerings at Giovane), bit it wasn't the case here. The strong orange flavour and something about the light cream made this dessert come in just on the refreshing side instead of the chocolatey side. And finishing a meal on a refreshing note has always been my bias.
Also, mixed into the cream are little crunchy beads and make this dessert quite fun to eat.

If you're looking for both cream and refreshing fruity taste without being too citrusy/sour, then the Crispy Choux is definitely worth a try. At $6.20, the portion is large enough to share with two or three persons.


  1. I just came back from Bel Cafe and had their Maple Bacon Macaron. Soooo good.

  2. It's funny how you're the opposite of Jenny, who loathes bacon. :D