Monday, November 5, 2012

Sockeye City Grill

Sockeye City Grill on Urbanspoon I hardly ever get out to Steveston so I really didn't know any good places there. Our day trip group was guided by a local and we were ultimately steered to Sockeye City Grill on the waterfront. For some reason, no one mentioned Pajo's. Heck, even I forgot to look it up.

After "just fish and chips" at The Fish Shack the night before, I ended up choosing something other than fish and chips.

  • Dungeness Crab and Tiger Prawn Cannelloni ($19) fresh pasta filled with dungeness crab. ricotta cheese and spinach, savoury rose sauce. jumbo tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil. parmesan cheese and garlic toast
    • Lots of sauce, not a lot of actual cannelloni. However, the crab flavour came through past the ricotta cheese filling.
    • The "jumbo" part of the tiger prawns seemed to be missing. There was, however, an OK amount of prawn.
    • Pretty tasty sauce. Overall, this was a light lunch and quite tasty and a safe choice to order at this restaurant. Could definitely have used a tad more bread for the delicious sauce.
  • Chocolate Mousse ($6.75) rich dark chocolate mousse topped with shaved white chocolate and raspberry puree
    • One large tumbler worth of chocolate mousse.
    • Strangely disappointing. The pale chocolate just wasn't chocolatey enough for one. One bite and I was basically done and let the rest of our party of 7 finish it.
  • Pot of Tea ($2.50)
    • This is a small pot of hot water and a satchel of Stash tea. Not sure what to make of them not having put the teabag into the pot.
    • The pot has no lid, but a large hole in the top where you pour water and put in the tea. With such a large hole, you can of course expect the water to get cold quite quickly. I tried balancing the bottom edge of my cup in the hole, but if you're not aware of it, you could easily knock it off while reaching for something (like I did with the menu; fortunately the cup was empty at the time).

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