Monday, July 8, 2013

Appy Hour at The Flying Pig (Yaletown)

The Flying Pig on UrbanspoonAppy Hour at The Flying Pig is during that dead-for-restaurants pre-dinner time from 3pm to 5pm. However, if you polled all your friends, you might find a surprising number can show up for it. Maybe they work downtown and can zip down for a bite or leave work a bit earlier. Or maybe they are free from the 9-to-5 pigeon hole and are happy to get cheap eats downtown.

The menu has a good assortment, and for the most part, what you get for $5 or $6 is a good deal. Quantity varies A LOT based on what we got last Friday at The Flying Pig's Yaletown location. Overall, the food hovers around "good" to just under "great". It's simple appy fare and already at a discounted price, so let's not be too picky, 'eh?

Shrimp and Cod Fritters ($5) pickle and dill tartar sauce (picture)
  • Tried a bit of this and I have to say I couldn't pick out any shrimp flavour. Looked like there was a lot of potato, though.
  • The four fritters is sort of OK portion for $5 and considering you are in a Yaletown location, unless you think you're just getting potato in there, in which case it starts to look like $1.25 for each oversized tater tot.
Shortrib Croquettes ($5) sriracha parm basil dip
  • Not bad tastiness but only four rather small croquettes for $5.
Seared Chili-rubbed Skirt Steak ($5) matchstick potatoes
Steamed Clams ($6) beer and bacon broth (picture)
  • Steamed clams is steamed clams. It's a fair portion for $6.
  • Comes with matchstick potatoes.
  • Very clear bacon flavour with that broth. Remember to ask for a spoon. Probably don't want to order 
House Salmon Cakes ($5) rocket and watercress
  • This looked like the best deal of the lot. Three standard sized fish cakes, each slightly smaller than a deck of cards.
  • Couldn't find much filler here. Just lots of small salmon flakes. No large, dry wooden chunks. Good moistness here.

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