Monday, August 12, 2013

Goat Cheese Burger at Colony

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I was just at Colony this past Friday for an after-work get-together. We were in at around 5.30pm and by 6.30pm the bar was still rather quiet. TVs on the walls showing soccer, but without any volume to disturb patrons who might be disinterested.

As is my wont, I probed them for freshly squeeze juice. Nope, not available (I didn't think it would be, but I'm ever hopeful). Of the fruit drinks they had, I chose a tall glass of pineapple ($4.50).

The online menu shows their $10 lunch specials, but there is a small link at the bottom where you can download the dinner menu ("Food Menu"). I tried the Organic Quinoa Vegetable Burger (house made quinoa and goat cheese patty, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce, brioche bun).

Our lovely waitress Sam said that she didn't like it herself because of the goat cheese. This is good information to know, since the online lunch menu does not mention goat cheese. And it's good to have it pointed out because goat cheese can be sort of stinky and an acquired taste. I declined to add mushrooms cheese, bacon, or onion rings.

There was the option to upgrade to the "fry bar" for +$2.50, which meant that instead of fries or salad, you could get specialty fries from their "fry bar" menu selection, which includes poutine, yam fries, and an interesting "beer battered lemon pepper fries". This latter I choose.

The burger itself was alright for the price ($12.40). For $12 I'm normally hoping for a more gourmet and interesting burger, but this comes with sides, so the burger itself is probably closer to $10, and it sort of weighs in at "priced just right".
The goat cheese was definitely the main flavour here, and it rose above everything else, but not in a too-pungent way. So even if you didn't like goat cheese too much, the quinoa and everything else tempered it.

The Beer Battered Lemon Pepper Fries were rather good and our waitress's recommendation as well. Crispy, of course, and the lemon component really gave it tang and zing, which is good when slogging through any monotonous dinner, like a big burger. A bit on the salty side. Not necessary to dip it into any tomato sauce.

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