Monday, August 26, 2013

Stick to Oysters at Oyster Express

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It's kind of tough to find particularly interesting eats at the Chinatown Night Market when your entire party is Asian (Chinese), so we had to go with the backup plan last Friday -- Oyster Express. I would normally never go to it because I'm really not into oysters. I just don't have a particular appreciation for the various types and slurping it down with Tabasco or what not. So, of our party of four, only one person had the oysters. He's big on oysters, and was happy enough to make a second order of a half-dozen, so that's a good sign.

New England Fish Chowder ($9) (picture)
  • This was okay tasting and for your dollar you do get a reasonable amount. Combined with the slices of baguette, it works out to a reasonably filling meal, but not so much that you didn't have room for an appetizer before or dessert after. At $9, the price feels between okay and slightly pricey.
Shrimp Cocktail ($13) (picture)
  • If I remember correctly, this was six "shrimp". Eight fat-ass prawn-sized shrimp. It's $13 for basically an appy. Ouch.
Grilled Cheez Sandwich ($8) (picture)
  • Whole wheat bread. Generous (but not oozing-mess overly generous) amount of cheese, plus tomato and mushrooms. Tasty enough. But $8 is ouch.
Chocolate Brownie Cake ($5) (picture)
  • It's a fair portion for $5. More like a chunk fudge-like brownie than "cake". Comes with whipped cream, which can temper the sweetness in your mouth. A bit overly sweet for my taste, but no complaints from anyone else.
Homemade Pomegranate Tea ($4) (picture)
  • This sounded interesting on paper. You can actually see the pomegranate seeds in the cup. Unfortunately, it ended up tasting like water with sugar.

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