Monday, September 23, 2013

Yves Original Veggie Ground Round

Yves Original Veggie Ground Round Yves Original Veggie Ground Round is vegan and kosher, so it falls in that helpful category of being a lowest-common-denominator can-feed-anyone ingredient.

As meat substitutes go, in look and texture it is quite good. The bits are a bit too smooth-looking to pass for real ground meat, but it's unlikely that anyone will look that closely.

The taste is bland, so it definitely needs to be just an ingredient rather than the sole ingredient. Adding something else to it also helps with the unfortunate sticky/slimy feeling in the mouth that this product has. Using it in a pasta sauce or chili should hide that nicely.

The package is actually deceptively small. The cardboard box holds four shrink-wrapped packs that don't look very big, but which somehow blossom into enough for 4-6 Sloppy Joe burgers, depending on how much you want to stuff into a burger. And that's before any additions you may prepare it with, such as onion, garlic, potato, peas, green pepper, and corn.
Also, unlike real meat, there isn't the same amount of liquid extracted from meat during cooking.

Overall, as an omnivore, I would recommend actual meat if you're looking for meat taste, unless the other ingredients have a strong enough combined flavour to cover up the taste of the meat you use anyway. For example, if you are using some ground meat in a tomato paste based spaghetti sauce, you might not notice the difference over the tart taste of the tomato sauce.

Yves Veggie Cuisine - Original Veggie Ground Round

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