Thursday, March 20, 2014

Boursin Spiced Fresh Soft Cheese - shallot and chive

My free Spring 2014 copy of All You Need Is Cheese included a number of expires-in-June coupons for cheese products. Somehow I ended up with two copies of the magazine, so I decided to get two different flavours of Boursin Spiced Fresh Soft CheeseBoursin is a type of Gournay Cheese.

Red Chili Pepper flavour was sadly not available at the Metrotown Superstore where they were selling for a whopping $5.57 per 150-gram box. It is apparently not a particularly hot selling item because the ones I got had an April 2014 expiration and they were being discounted to $8.98 per two boxes.
After applying the two manufacturer coupons from the magazine, the price still came out to a rather pricey $3.49 for each small portion. (Right now, Save-On-Foods is advertising Western Family cheddar cheese at $7.99 for a 700 gram block, and Safeway is advertising Kraft Cheez Whiz at $4.99 for a 900g bottle).

The cheese itself is rather inconvenient to use. It crumbles easily, and can also adhere easily to a knife. You can therefore cut an oversized chunk, let crumbs fall off, then scrape whatever you can onto whatever you are seasoning. Depending on how fastidious you are, you may have to scrape pretty hard to get most of it off your knife -- in turn, this means that fragile crackers (for example) may end up broken and hard to handle. If you serve this at a cocktail party, it'll be an ugly mess on the table.

The cheese flavour of the Boursin is very weak, and easily overtaken by the shallot and chive. These flavours are themselves not overly strong, which means if you are moderate with how much you spread, it will complement (instead of overpower) the flavour of whatever you've spread it on. Overall, tasty enough but nothing superb here.

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