Monday, June 9, 2014

KFC, but crispier, at Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar

Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar - Coal Harbour on Urbanspoon It's an oyster place, but people talk about the fried chicken -- and with good reason! It's tasty.

Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar has a Kitsilano location, but they later took over what used to be Miku in the Guiness Building downtown. We went to that one. There's Happy Hour from 3pm to 6pm, which includes "buck a shuck" oysters.

At 3pm, it's pretty dead in there. Servers too. Not many servers, and those who are there are changing shifts. You may end up like our party, served by the bartender and mid-way that person went off shift and someone else took over. We ended up with confused billing, but that was understandable.
I'm not saying it's really their fault, but to just watch out for confusion during a shift change, and maybe to be more proactive about catching their attention if you need something.

"Cheese Chuts" ($10 for 4)
  • This was on the fresh sheet, so you might not see it all the time.
  • Four golf-ball sized balls of deep fried macaroni and cheese.
  • Rather bland. Not cheesy tasting. The Roof at Black + Blue does it better simply because they have truffle sauce.
  • Fun to eat but I recommend giving it a pass. Unless they someone kick it up in cheesiness.
New Orleans Style Gumbo YaYa ($18) Smoked chicken, fried chicken and Andouille sausage, okra, trinity, steamed rice
  • Overall this would have been better if not for the bitter stew. Maybe it's just done this way in New Orleans (we had a similar experience with bitter stews at Ouisi Bistro) but I can't say I'm a fan of it. As you may know from previous reviews, I'm not big on authenticity, but on tastiness.
Southern Fried Chicken ($18) Buttermilk mashed potatoes, greens, chicken gravy, honey butter
  • Winner. You must have this.
  • Drumstick and some sort of fillet, probably a strip of breast meat.
  • Tender and moist. Drumstick was underdone closer to the bone, though.
  • The crust was reminiscent of Kentucky Fried Chicken, but darker, crispier, and somehow less greasy.
  • There was honey butter? Anyway, the chicken was great all on its own. Eat some first before deciding if you need condiments.
1lb Louisiana Pork spare Ribs ($22) Slow smoked rack of pork ribs, Chewies KC style Barbeque sauce, Cajun fries, Southern slaw
  • I got to try one rib and it was pretty decent. Not exactly fall-off-the-bone tender, but tender enough and with a delicious sauce. Might be overdone with the amount of sauce, but you can just give it a shake. Next time I'm there I'll have to order this to share.
Peaches and Cream Cheesecake ($8)
  • As on the fresh sheet.
  • I was going to say it was slightly smallish for $8, but I think inflation has sort of caught up with everyone, so $8 is probably on par with what you can expect everywhere downtown.
  • This was actually really decent. A lighter cheesecake. Not super-sweet. Fresh, flavourful way to end a meal.

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