Monday, June 9, 2014

Don't look inside at Aussie Pie Guy

Aussie Pie Guy on UrbanspoonThe pies are basically $8 each at the Aussie Pie Guy food truck. Which either sounds okay or expensive depending on what you compare it to. It's pricey compared to a special at A&W, but a few bucks less than a typical burger at a sit-down restaurant.

Whatever you do, though, don't open up your pie to peek inside. I did that. Big mistake. Chances are, you will be disappointed. I took the top off a Shane's Pie and there was an off-centre dollop of what looked like BBQ sauce but which was probably the advertised apricot hoisin sauce. So now I'm biased against what looks like lazily put together assembly line pies with not enough of certain ingredients.
Same with the Sweetie Pie my friend got. We were like, "where's the custard"?

Shane's Pie ($8) A signature pie created by our friend Shane. Tender free range BC beef short rib and vegetables with a red wine au-jus and apricot hoisin sauce over mashed potatoes.
  • As mentioned above, there was apparently just a single splat of hoisin sauce which covered maybe a fifth of the cross section.
  • There's actually a lot of potato here, so this is not really a "meat" pie. Meat isn't the main filling here.
  • This was between okay and disappointing. I recommend going for a "single filling" pie.
Kanga Pie ($8)
  • One of their rotating specials. Looked like a single type of filling. Braised (?) pulled kangaroo meat.
  • If you're expecting exotic tasting meat from kangaroo, then pass. The meat tastes like the tasty sauce / gravy / jus whatever it is coated in. Could have been pork or chicken and you wouldn't know the difference.
  • This was really quite tasty! Nothing too complicated on the inside: Just a straight shot of tender, deliciously marinated meat.
Sweetie Pie ($4?) Apple pie the Aussie way. BC apples and cinnamon with a layer of creamy vanilla custard made with real vanilla bean.

 Available in a smaller party pie size.
  • My friend got the smaller party pie size, which may have contributed to the mostly-pie-crust feeling.
  • As apple pies go, you are better off getting a full 8-inch Farmer's Market pie from Superstore.
  • Where's the custard? We took the top off and it looked like whatever custard either melted in and disappeared, got soaked into the cap and also disappeared, or was just a token amount. Didn't come through in taste.
Best part of the pies was that they weren't oily on the outside. You can basically hold them in your hand and eat them like a burger, but with no messy spills. Great as street food.

At the Pender at Burrard location, the lunch rush looked well over by 12.30pm. But they aren't open for very long each day, so you really don't want to get there too late in case they've sold out of the best items.

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