Monday, October 6, 2014

Green Basil a solid safe choice

Green Basil on Urbanspoon Their Sushi Garden neighbors see lineups earlier, but this place does get busy on a Friday night shortly after 6pm. Despite the claustrophobic entrance, it is quite spacious. Nothing too special to look at -- simple and clean.

Traditional Phat Thai ($13.95) Rice noodle or egg noodle with shrimps & scallops, ground peanuts & bean sprout in
Tamarind sauce OR tomato sauce

  • Quite a big portion! For a single person, this will probably see you stuffed. Good for sharing as a light dinner between two persons.
  • Tasty, safe choice. Pretty big shrimps.
Haw Mok Ma Phraao ($15.95 with chicken) Red curry paste with sliced coconut served in fresh young coconut
  • If you have it to go or have leftovers packed, ask for the coconut. Otherwise they will pour it out into a styrofoam box.
  • This was somewhat creamy-ish and pretty tasty.
  • Good amount of curry, although it's packed into a small coconut, so it will initially look small.
  • Good ratio of curry to content -- that is, not "watery" and not skimpy on chicken or coconut.
  • Rice was apparently separate. I recommend keeping your rice order to just one small bowl, which is a very good amount of rice for one person, heaped to almost overflowing into a small bowl. You can order more if you need to -- don't end up having your leftover rice for takeout.
Stumbling Jade ($4.50)
  • Lemon / lime juice. Sharp and strong.
For a busy place, the food comes out quickly and bussing is prompt. Service was pleasant even though we were using an Entertainment Book coupon. We were just two persons and had an unhurried time but nevertheless finished our dinner in about half an hour (?) thanks to their speedy kitchen.

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