Saturday, March 21, 2015

Wow looking makizushi at Sushiholic

Sushiholic on Denman on Urbanspoon Sushiholic on Denman is a smallish place if you look from the doorway, but there's a side room with larger tables for larger groups. We went for a slightly later Friday dinner (7 pm) and the restaurant was quite quiet.

I'm no sushi expert, so as long as it doesn't taste stale or fishy, and I don't need soy sauce, it's all good to me. Sushiholic on Denman satisfies these conditions. Where Sushiholic distinguishes itself are its Special Maki Rolls, which have ace presentation and "wow" factor.
Strangely, their taste is not too special, and some rolls are "spicy" (meaning they liberally use some sort of mild chili sauce), which also covers up other flavours. Some of the rolls are deep fried, which sounds like it should have deep-fried flavour and crunchy fun, but sadly I found that lacking, which was disappointing (they also weren't oily, though, which is a plus).
Of the special maki rolls, some noteworthy ones are:
  • Awesome Roll ($7.95 for 8 pieces)
    • Great fun with the generous heaping of shredded-into-vermicelli yam "fries" on top.
  • Ever Green Roll ($8.95 for 12 pieces)
    • This is sort of a budget option and the vegetarian alternative, but for omnivores I found this bland.
    • The use of mango might have been interesting if it stood out more.
  • Fire Dragon Roll ($11.95 for 8 pieces) prawn tempura, mayo, cucumber, avocado, crispy bits and spicy tuna on top
    • This really looks like a Chinese dragon! Plus there's a nice touch with the sauce "flames". Absolutely worth a look.
  • Volcano Roll ($14.95 for 8 pieces) deep fried roll with asparagus, spicy tuna, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, half spicy tuna sashimi (normally $10.95)
    • Aside from what you get in sushi, this is a pretty good deal because there's tuna sashimi inside the "volcano" cone made from the sushi slices.
    • However, everything inside the "volcano" is swimming in chili sauce. Even the tuna, which is smaller bites mixed with small cubes of cucumber. Because of the chili, you can barely taste any tuna, honestly.
I suspect that if you are a sushi snob and comparing the subtlety of flavours and composition of the sushi by its ingredients, it might rank below Honjin Sushi or Bistro Sakana. But if you want your food to look fun, Sushiholic is the place to go.

We also tried the Tempura Ice Cream.
  • Total waste of time.
  • It's the size of a tennis ball.
  • The deep fried yet comes-out-chewy bread-like shell is almost a centimeter thick, so the actual amount of melted ice cream inside is about one scoop.
  • Served with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce.
  • Dig into this immediately because it all melts into a scary-looking goop pretty much immediately.
Tea is complimentary and promptly topped up. Bussing is good.
All plates come with a generous heap of ginger and wasabi, which you might not use at all.
What you could do is tell them not to add it to any of the plates, and instead give it to your table on the side on a separate platter, if you really need it. That could save a lot of waste if you go in as a group and start ordering 10+ rolls.

I initially tried to make a reservation using their online contact form and never got a reply, so it's possible that no one's checking that. For reservations, it's best to call.

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