Thursday, October 1, 2015

Udo's Choice Beyond Greens

The latest sample sent to me by SocialNature is Udo's Choice Beyond Greens®. To be honest, this seemed like a weird product (and that's why I was also really keen to try it). It's got organic everything except "natural flavours".
The "Suggested Use" is to mix "1 scoop" (8 grams) into water once per day, to get your daily quota of greens. But additional information on the Flora Health website says you can add it to smoothies or bake with it.

Right off the bat, I was disappointed by their measuring system. When I'm in the kitchen, I use spoons. Not "scoops". Since I'm lazy, I'm was going to assume that by "scoop" they mean "standard coffee scoop". Which in turn means (and I didn't know until I DuckDuckGo'ed this today) 2 tablespoons. But when I opened the pouch, lo! -- There was a mini scoop! (Thanks for telling me -- Not.)

The powdered mix strangely smells like *chocolate*. Though it looks like swamp water, it only has a very mild, almost faint, veggie flavour (cauliflower?) and is basically bland -- which is probably good because it won't interfere with the flavour of whatever you add it to. Also, if you don't like eating your greens because of the flavour, this shouldn't turn you off.

TIP: Mixed with water, some of it will settle to the bottom, so swirl and drink or you'll end up with a sludge at the bottom of your cup.

I've only just got this today, but I'll definitely be experimenting with it in cooking (probably baking). Watch this post for future updates.

UPDATE (2015-Oct-11):
  • Tried mixing it into a loaf of white bread and it looked horrible. Only a mild flavour change, though.
  • Also tried mixing it into Campbell's mushroom soup, plus a bit of ground chili for some spicy kick. Still looked horrible, but tasted OK.
  • I think probably the best way to mix it into food is a curry. Just stir in whatever amount you like into your own bowl of curry -- the strong curry flavour will mask any flavour of the powder. And if you use a green curry, it'll just turn out a bit darker green than usual.

2015-Oct-1 UDO's Choice Beyond Greens (front)

2015-Oct-1 UDO's Choice Beyond Greens (back)

2015-Oct-1 Udo's Choice Beyond Greens scoop size

2015-Oct-1 Udo's Choice Beyond Greens mix close-up

2015-Oct-1 Udo's Choice Beyond Greens mixed into water

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