Friday, May 6, 2016

Artistic desserts at Secret Location

Secret Location Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato After discovering that Tacofino churros are not available for takeout and not wanting to line up for them, my companion and I wandered into Secret Location to check their dessert menu. The place was empty so we had the beautiful lit-stone bar all to ourselves.

If you haven't been, it's worth even just a walk-through to check out the beautiful interior. They do dim the lights, but not so much as to obscure the room.
Totally a date-night location, and not so busy as to be noisy/rowdy, but at the same time has the space to host quite a few people.
Staff were friendly and accommodating.

Ice Cream and Sorbet ($10) selection of 3 from
  • We went with sour cream, one that tasted like haw flakes, and pumpkin.
  • Nothing too special for me here. Smallish scoops, too, but price-wise not out of line with getting ice cream at a restaurant. And you get a little decorative something on each, like flowers or what not.
2016-May-5 - Secret Location - ice cream

Liquid Centre Chocolate Cube ($15) crisp feuilletine, orange blossom, blood orange gelée
  • Overall a beautiful and artistic dessert. You're also paying for artistic composition here but as desserts go, it's tasty if you like chocolate. If you don't mind that, then $15 is a fair price for this item.
  • Save the jellies for last if you want to end your dessert on a lighter note rather than heavier chocolate.
  • Too late we found out that there was a malfunction with our Cube as the interior wasn't oozy or liquid at all. You may have better luck.
2016-May-5 - Secret Location - Liquid Centre Chocolate Cube

2016-May-5 - Secret Location - Liquid Centre Chocolate Cube

2016-May-5 - Secret Location - Liquid Centre Chocolate Cube (inside)

Hello Kitty ($15) buttermilk biscuit, buttermilk ice cream, raspberries, raspberry puree, house-made raspberry marshmellow
  • Feature dessert of the day, so there's no guarantee you'll be able to order it, but you can certainly try.
  • Unofficially it's called Hello Kitty as it's got the right colours.
  • Interesting to eat, especially with the edible flower petals.
  • Again you're paying for the art plus the assorted ingredients here. If you like your food beautiful and artsy, try it.
  • I only got to try bits and pieces of this, so I can't comment on overall tastiness from the point of view of having it all to yourself and in the full quantity.
2016-May-5 - Secret Location - Hello Kitty
2016-May-5 - Secret Location - Hello Kitty

This was my friend cocktail, complete with free orchid blossom which she took home. Fruity, light on alcohol buzz.

2016-May-5 - Secret Location

Mocktail ($6)
  • Custom non-alcoholic cocktail made on the spot. I was quoted $6 and I asked the bartender to just make something up without consulting me. If I remember correctly, he used rosemary, apple juice, marmalade, and lemon juice. Very interesting flavours came through in a non-competitive way in this refreshing drink.
  • If you're not a drinker, it's definitely worth a shot asking for a mocktail of the bartender's creation.
2016-May-5 - Secret Location - custom mocktail

2016-May-5 - Secret Location

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