Friday, May 6, 2016


Pourhouse Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I heard Pourhouse has a really decent burger, so I dragged a friend along to give it a go.
I'm sure it's a nice looking place, but it's dim inside. Lights are dimmed at 7pm, and again later (8pm?). For a tight space, there's actually quite a bit of privacy with how the seating is arranged, plus there are lots of booths. If you want any chance of a booth, best to mention that during your reservation.

Pot of Tea ($4.50)
  • Hmm... No tea bag. So you basically have to finish your tea quite quickly, otherwise it becomes unappetizing cold tea, and there's no point adding hot water because there's no teabag!
  • Not sure about the spoon since I didn't get sugar or honey anyway.
2016-May-5 - Pourhouse - peppermint tea

Scotch Egg ($8)
  • Basically a boiled egg deep fried with sausage meat on the outside.
  • Pretty thick layer of sausage meat, which was quite tasty with spices but also a bit salty ('cause it's sausage!)
  • Overall, pretty pricey for $8 and OK tasting.
  • If you insist on spending your money on hard boiled eggs, try Tuc Craft Kitchen's Crispy Bacon and Egg for $4. It's strangely good and half the price (but obviously less meat).
2016-May-5 - Pourhouse - Scotch Egg

Devils on Horseback ($7)
  • Go easy on the BBQ sauce, which could ruin it for you with the sourness.
  • Dates with a cube of cheese in the middle, and wrapped in bacon.
  • NOT oysters! Those are Angels on Horseback.
  • Overall I didn't find these particularly tasty. Interesting small bites, but basically $1 each.
2016-May-5 - Pourhouse - Devils on Horseback

2016-May-5 - Pourhouse - Devils on Horseback - inside

Rabbit Terrine ($15) beer mustard, bread and butter pickles
  • The terrine itself is sweet and tasty. The rest is... the rest. Pricey for $15.
2016-May-5 - Pourhouse - Rabbit Terrine

The Pourhouse Burger ($18)
  • Menu doesn't mention it, but comes with fries and a half pickle, making it a decent meal.
  • You're probably paying for the quality of the meat in the patty, because there's basically nothing else.
  • Patty is smaller than the bun! But thick, and cooked "medium", evidenced by the pink.
  • Overall, not really tasty unless you can appreciate the meat in the patty -- which I admit I can't. Not enough to justify it being $18, anyway.
2016-May-5 - Pourhouse - Pourhouse Burger

2016-May-5 - Pourhouse - Pourhouse Burger

2016-May-5 - Pourhouse - Pourhouse Burger

Beets ($15) labneh, pears, wheat berries, dukkah spice
  • Winner! Get this.
  • Price for portion on the high side but it's tasty and interesting with a middle eastern flavour.
  • Beets not particularly sweet, unfortunately.
2016-May-5 - Pourhouse - Beets

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