Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Skip bar snacks at Steel Toad

Steel Toad Brewpub and Dining Hall Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Just back from a little get-together at the Steel Toad near Main Street Skytrain Station. Nice airy space with very high ceilings. Tables a bit narrow especially if they are going to seat you opposite someone else, so full-on dinners for everyone can be tricky.

I went with just drinks and test a couple of interesting-sounding items on the menu... which sadly didn't turn out so interesting, so I don't know if I'd go back for mains.

Free WiFi! Look in the drinks menu near the bottom for the password.

Chips & Dip ($5) beer salt crisps with roasted garlic chip dip
  • Salting very inconsistent.
  • Random chips may taste oily.
  • Chips generally large and in good shape. Presentation good. No crumbs or broken chips on the plate.
  • Beer salt? Don't be swayed -- tasted like deep fried chips with a dusting of salt. Sometimes too much on the chip and you get a sudden salty overload.
  • Dip was garlicky and OK. Not quite enough for the plate of chips.
2016-Aug-30 Steel Toad - beer salt crisp

Dickie's Ginger Beer ($4) fresh lemons, cane sugar, real ginger
  • Glass mostly ice. FAIL.
  • Maybe because there was so much ice, it tasted watery.
  • Where's my ginger bite?
  • Cheap except you're mostly paying for ice.
  • Worse than getting a lemonade.
2016-Aug-30 Steel Toad - virgin ginger beer

2016-Aug-30 Steel Toad - bar snacks menu

2016-Aug-30 Steel Toad - menu

2016-Aug-30 Steel Toad - menu

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