Thursday, February 2, 2017

Salsa & Agave

Salsa And Agave Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Been meaning to come here, finally dropped in on a whim for lunch. Lunch specials are decently priced! You can get a good meal for around $10.

TIP: You want it spicy? Tell them up front and they'll help by bringing you decently spicy chilies/sauces.

Azteca Soup & 2 Rolled Tacos (Taquitos) - $9.50
  • I let the server pick my tacos and she came up with beef tongue, and spicy pork with pineapple.
    • Beef tongue very mild in flavour and not helped enough with the lime and onion provided.
    • "Spicy" pork was delicious but not hot-spicy if you are worried about that.
  • Overall the tacos were OK but flavour-wise not as good as, for example, Gringo. That said I only tried two types of tacos here.
  • Azteca Soup is a tortilla soup (strips of tortilla inside!), chipotle pepper (but it's nowhere close to spicy-hot), diced avocado, cheese, and house sour cream.
    • I like things spicy so I put in the provided chili sauce, and it was great!
    • Not too sure I like the diced avocado, and "diced" is maybe misleading since it was chunks about a half inch long/wide.
Overall price for portion is good, and food is tasty enough to warrant more than a passing mark. And for once, when I ask a server for recommendations they didn't balk or get all nervous. I told her I trusted her, would eat anything, and had no allergies; and off she went confidently. Service seemed attentive and friendly!

2017-Feb-2 - Salsa & Agave - lunch special - soup and two tacos ($9.50)

Milanesa con Chilaquiles Verdes ($15.50) breaded beef sirloin served with green tomatillo chilaquiles, rice, and beans
  • My friend's order. I didn't try it. At $15.50 price for portion is passable.
2017-Feb-2 - Salsa & Agave - Milanesa con chilaquiles verdes

2017-Feb-2 - Salsa & Agave - free amuse bouche

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