Monday, November 2, 2015

Gringo tacos

Gringo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Tucked in an armpit of Gastown is Gringo, a tiny diner that serves some really decent tacos amid colourful flamingoes.

Price and portion of nicely loaded tacos was comparable to Le Tacqueria but selection is small in comparison. And made even smaller by their running out of two types of fillings by around 5.30pm on a Tuesday night. That said, some of their fillings were basically so tasty that you didn't need any hot sauce or costs-extra additional toppings.

TIP: There are two routes to Blood Alley Square which do not involve going through any substantial stretch of scuzzy alley. Do not turn into the alley via Abbott Street. Instead, you can find one of the paths on Water Street near Zientte Interiors; another is on Carrall Street near the Gassy Jack Statue, between Vera's Burger Shack and the OK Boot Corral. Once you are in the alley it's easy to spot the colourful lights. No, it's not the other taco place that has a neon taco picture.

Austin - saucy brisket, fried onions, slaw
  • Winner! Sweet and tasty. Get this. No toppings required.
Encino - spicy hand-pulled roast chicken, ranch, salsa
  • Winner! Tasty and with a bit of heat to it. No toppings required.
Wilbur - mazatlan braised pork, chilies, vinegar, pickled onions
  •  Bland! Tasted like boiled pig meat. Definitely needed hot sauce.
Just two guys running the show, and I guess with the busy-ness they dropped the ball with us. We were directed to be seated "anywhere", then promptly forgotten. Had to go to the bar to get menus after we got tired of waiting.
For tacos that are presumably just assembled (or maybe they were refreshing their stock of fillings?) it felt like it took a long time to assemble six.

TIP: If you aren't handed menus in short order, go to the bar (it's like 1 meter away no matter where you sit) and ask for them to move things along.

2015-Nov-2 Gringo wall art

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