Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cheap tasty noodles at G-Men

G-men @ Nan Chu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato G-Men Ramen is a tight little space with a totally inadequate waiting area (but benches right outside) because of the queue that apparently forms every day, not just Friday and Saturday nights. However, turnaround is quite fast. There is also "bar seating", which actually isn't that bad as the bar table is quite wide. Good for couples since they are side by side anyway.
Make sure you put your name down on the waiting list (which can move quite quickly despite the maximum 2-hr time limit per seating) when you arrive. You will be asked whether you are okay with bar seating or if you need a table, at the time you put your name down and again when seating becomes available.

Tan Tan Men ($10.25) 8oz spicy sesame & peanut flavour pork bone broth with thin noodle
  • Thin noodle looks like the type you get in a packet of instant noodles. And there's a LOT of it. Quite a bit of diced pork as well.
  • Overall, a heavy and filling meal for just $10.25 and you may want to consider not ordering a drink in case you can't finish it all.
  • Tasty and peanutty but not spicy enough for me. There are condiments at the table to add more heat (or garlic!).
  • Good and tasty but I think Kingyo's Tan Tan Noodles still edges out and is a bit cheaper too (but isn't peanutty, if that is the predominant flavour you want).
AAA Beef Yukke ($9.25) chopped beef sashimi marinated in yukke sauce
  • Reminds me of steak tartare but totally not the same in taste.
  • Served cold and totally worth a try as it's tasty. But pricey.
Kimchi Baigai ($5.95) kimchi and Japanese ivory shell
  •  Our server couldn't explain "ivory shell" but it turns out they are a type of sea snail. Quite firm and more crunchy than chewy but not hard to eat at all.
  • Overall, a cheap way to try an interesting food. Quite a good amount of snail as well.
  • Other than the novelty, give this a pass. You mostly taste the kimchi anyway unless you carefully isolate the snail, which isn't that tasty on its own.
2015-Nov-24 G-Men tan tan noodle bowl and saucer

2015-Nov-24 G-Men tan tan noodle

2015-Nov-24 G-Men beef yukke

2015-Nov-24 G-Men kimchi

2015-Nov-24 G-Men ivory shell

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