Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Jaxx Teahouse and Lounge

The Jaxx Teahouse and Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato For people on a fussy diet, The Jaxx is definitely worth a look as they are wheat-free, processed-sugar-free, dairy-free, and meat-free. And hoping to have a liquor license soon.

I didn't get a chance to try their food menu but did try their teas, which are all house blends with no artificial flavouring. This latter detail was what they suggested to be the cause of their teas coming across as somewhat bland.

I tried two types of tea: Holiday Fruit (pears, cranberries, cinnamon, sugar cane, nutmeg) and Scurvy No More (pears, citrus peels, parsley). Strangely, they tasted alike, and no they didn't taste like pear. Holiday Fruit definitely didn't taste like nutmeg or cranberry or cinnamon. Scurvy No More didn't have any citrusy notes for me. Probably the closest thing to the flavour was the water you get from boiling rice; which suggests that whatever they were using lost its flavour long ago while they dried and shrivelled up.

Could be fluke. Could have been my taste buds decided to go on vacation. Whatever the case, for the cost (more than a tall tea bag hot tea at Starbucks), I definitely expected it to be stronger and clearer flavour-wise. If I go back I'll try the food menu and just get water from the cooler with orange slices in it.

As a space, it is very curious and interesting and slightly creepy. The sheer number of strange and funky items making up the decor is juxtaposed by comfortable couches and interesting wooden tables and a variety of boardgames to pass the time.
Taste in music is very subjective, but I found it headache inducing, especially when whatever they were playing started to sound like heavy metal for a while.
Staff are friendly. Position of the washroom is very awkward especially as it involves allowing people through the kitchen.

The Jaxx Teahouse and Lounge - house tea blends

The Jaxx Teahouse and Lounge

The Jaxx Teahouse and Lounge - right next to the Parker Street Cafe

The Jaxx Teahouse and Lounge - ceiling

The Jaxx Teahouse and Lounge 4

The Jaxx Teahouse and Lounge - menu

The Jaxx Teahouse and Lounge - ginseng royal jelly

The Jaxx Teahouse and Lounge - coffin only 13 dollars

The Jaxx Teahouse and Lounge - spells

The Jaxx Teahouse and Lounge - notice the phallic owls

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