Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Burek banitza at Acacia Fillo Bar

Acacia Fillo Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Ever since I read the article on Acacia Fillo Bar by FollowMeFoodie I'd been meaning to go, and tonight I finally did.

Right away they scored a FAIL for their online menu because when I got there, I discovered they have "Burek", which is apparently Banitza with meat. A friend of mine had actually declined to come because she didn't want vegetarian food and she saw only veggie banitza options online. :-(

Score another fail for the bored and bordering on surly waitstaff.

Score a third fail for food arriving lukewarm. I don't know whether it's supposed to be piping hot, or if reheating will damage the crunchy fun of the fillo, but after having the spicy beef banitza, I'm pretty sure it would have tasted a heck of a lot better hot.

I would normally score them a fourth FAIL for a $3 pot of tea bordering on tasteless when the flavour involves ginger, but they used a DAVIDsTEA teabag for that. Still, given the price, a teabag tea from Starbucks would have been cheaper and they would've given me a free refill of hot water, making it more than or equal to the pot of tea.

Anyway, on to the food:

Spinach and Sirene (feta) Banitza ($11) served with token salad
  • Bland. Pass on this.
  • Decent portion and good price for portion.
Burek ($11) spicy beef, cabbage, green onions; served with token salad
  • Not spicy-hot, but marinated in spices.
  • Pretty tasty and decent portion, making it a medium meal for just $11.
For 6pm, the place was pretty dead, especially compared to just about any other eatery (especially the Korean ones) on Denman. Better go get your cheap eats before they are kaput. Which would be sad because they do offer a good price for a meal.
2015-Nov-3 Acacia Fillo Bar menu 1 of 2

2015-Nov-3 Acacia Fillo Bar menu 2 of 2

2015-Nov-3 Acacia Fillo Bar desserts

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