Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Freeze dried bananas at UYU

UYU Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato UYU is more expensive than Soft Peaks and you get slightly less soft-serve ice cream. But it is more interesting for several reasons:
  • Ice cream flavours rotate every 2 weeks (used to be weekly).
  • Lots of toppings you can choose. Some, however, are tweezered onto your ice cream instead of liberally sprinkled -- like the freeze-dried fruits.
  • You get to choose one drizzle for free.
  • You can add a shot of chocolate (which basically coats the top of your ice cream with a crust of chocolate) for $1.25
Two toppings plus chocolate shot can quickly add up to just over $7. It's sort of atrocious for ice cream, but, like Soft Peaks, just make sure you don't get something that turns out to be a reasonable facsimile of a tub you can get at Superstore. It is also still more interesting than two comparably priced scoops at a place like Earnest Ice Cream.

For toppings, I recommend honey toasted sunflower seeds and freeze dried banana as two very flavourful choices.
Careful with the drizzle afterwards, because if you choose something sharp like passion fruit, it can ovewhelm flavours.
Also carefully consider whether you want the chocolate shot. It can create problems: You might end up with unwieldy too-large chunks of chocolate, and the ice cream can coat the chocolate, masking the flavour anyway. Plus, it's Belgian chocolate, so price for portion is really not there at $1.25. You could instead choose one of the chocolate bark toppings.

Since they can't really do anything better or worse to me after they've handed over the ice cream, I figured it was safe to take pics...

2015-Nov-10 UYU 1a

2015-Nov-10 UYU 1b

2015-Nov-10 UYU hollow

2015-Nov-10 UYU 2a

2015-Nov-10 UYU 2b

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