Monday, May 1, 2017

Supporting @MealShareTeam at @Jamjarondrive

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Wednesday May-10 was the second annual Tonight for Tomorrow, the one-day proceeds-to-charity supporting Mealshare -- the charity that works without costing you anything.

Our eating team of three dudes went to JamJar at their new location at Granville and 11th (where Vij's used to be, right next door to Rangoli). Their prices have gone up a bit since I was last at Jamjar's Commercial Drive location but the sharing platters for two persons are still a great deal.

How great? We were three persons and we were pretty full from the sharing platter for two persons. Part of the reason is the basically unlimited pita you get with your meal. They serve it sparingly each time (probably to guard against wasted pita) but you can ask for more, and you will definitely need more even tackling the first plate of dips.

We went with the "Meat and Fish Tasting Plate for 2" ($65). No fish here but there were prawns. Some notes...
  • Dips were tasty! Remember to swirl in the oil at the top for extra flavour. Olives and stuffed pickled eggplant were meh for me.
  • Deep fried cauliflower was wet and salty from dressing.
  • Chicken breast was tender and moist!
  • Meats had spices and were really tasty.
  • Green falafel came hot and had a fun crunchy crust.
2017-May-10 Jamjar (Granville) - Taste of Lebanon plate 1

2017-May-10 Jamjar (Granville) - pickled, stuffed, eggplant

2017-May-10 Jamjar (Granville) - Taste of Lebanon plate 2

2017-May-10 Jamjar (Granville) - Taste of Lebanon plate 2

2017-May-10 Jamjar (Granville) - Taste of Lebanon plate 3

Because the Falafel had so impressed, we also separately ordered a plate of ($10.50).

2017-May-10 Jamjar (Granville) - falafel

2017-May-10 Jamjar (Granville) - falafel interior

2017-May-10 Jamjar (Granville)

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