Saturday, May 27, 2017

Get a spoon at KIMU Japanese Cuisine

KIMU Japanese Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I was recommended KIMU Japanese Cuisine by friends showing me interesting pictures of sushi. Naturally when I went I didn't get any "rolls" but whatever sounded way more interesting. It's too bad the menu doesn't have pictures but you can check out pics online at Zomato and Yelp to see just how pretty and interesting their creations are and at decent portions for very reasonable prices!

TIP: Get a spoon.

Unlike "normal" sushi restaurant offerings, the variant construction can mean some pieces falling off the arrangement, so chopsticks will be sort of lousy here. Ask for a spoon right away if you're getting their special stuff, such as what we ordered.

Volcano Eggplant Seafood Yaki ($8.95) deep fried eggplant, pan fried seafood with onion, melted mozzarella, cheddar cheese, with special spicy mix sauce and bonito on top
  • We ate this with chopsticks. Don't eat this with just chopsticks.
  • Slabs of eggplant were rather big. No way you're gonna pick it up with the goodies on top and get a good bite.
  • Overall, interesting construction but not that tasty. Fish chunks seemed a bit dry. Eggplant pieces too unwieldy for just chopsticks. Maybe also get a knife.
  • Weakly spicy-hot sauce with no lingering heat.
2017-05-25 KIMU sushi - Volcano Eggplant Seafood Yaki

2017-05-25 KIMU sushi - Volcano Eggplant Seafood Yaki

Rainbow Sushi Pizza ($10.50 for 6 pieces) deep fried sushi rice dough, crab meat, salmon, tuna, ebi, hamachi, tai, unagi, tobiko with BBQ and wasabi mayo
  • You want this! Tasty and not skimpy with crab meat hidden under the slabs of fish on top.
  • Might have a bit more sauce than is necessary, and can cover the flavours, especially of the raw fish. Unlike a "regular" sushi roll, you've got sauce here so you really have to eat this mindfully to get all the flavours. I think I'd actually be fine with no sauce or sauce on the side.
2017-05-25 KIMU sushi - Sushi Pizza (rainbow)

2017-May-25 - KIMU Sushi - Sushi Pizza (rainbow)

Sushi Cake ($9.50) crab meat, avocado, shiitake mushroom, salmon, spicy tuna, tobiko on sushi rice dough and torched with spicy mayo, BBQ sauce, balsamic reduction, capers, and garlic chips
  • Those garlic chips are yum.
  • You want this. Tasty.
  • You want a spoon with this because the top layers are gonna fall apart.
2017-05-25 KIMU sushi - Sushi Cake

2017-05-25 KIMU sushi - Sushi Cake

Soft Shell Crab ($8.95) deep fried soft shell crab
  • Tasted like oily batter.
  • Sauce was watery and even when I drowned the crab in it, it didn't do much.
2017-05-25 KIMU sushi - soft shelled crab

2017-05-25 KIMU sushi - soft shelled crab

2017-05-25 KIMU sushi - special menu items

2017-05-25 KIMU sushi

Service pretty good. Location is a bit out of the way but it is nicely renovated inside so don't let the rest of the block make you think this will be a dilapidated hole in the wall.

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