Sunday, August 20, 2017

Tour de Feast Avocado Toast

Tour de Feast Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato You may have seen this week's Georgia Straight article on Avocado Toast and be inspired to get Avocado Toast if you happen to be at Tour de Feast.


Yelp reviews do seem to point out the toast (and for fair reason since the dish is quite tasty) BUT it's NOT the same thing the Georgia Straight is talking about.
At Tour de Feast, it's more like a toast composition with some avocado on the side. You also get a bigger place that a slice of toast with green mush on top.

Worth getting? Yeah, *maybe* even at the $14.50 price point. But if you are hoping for avocado styled onto toast like the picture in the Georgia Straight article... Nope.

Avocado Toast ($14.50) choice of bacon strips or sausage, and crisps or salad
  • The avocado tucked in the side looks like an afterthought to make this "Avocado Toast".
  • Looks plain and overpriced, so you will probably surprised that this is actually really quite tasty -- probably in all the easily overlooked parts like a bit of heat in the sauce over the tomatoes, and the herbs on the potatoes.
  • Wasn't paying enough attention to realize no one at our table got crisps to compare. Duh. But the token salad served on its own, ahead of the dish itself, looked woefully small. But obviously the salad isn't supposed to be the main part of your dish, so I think serving it this way is a really unfortunate choice that can have people thinking the wrong way.
  • Does NOT count as a sandwich even though it's in the same column on the menu, so it does not qualify to be upsized into their sandwich-and-soup combo.
2017-Aug-20 Tour de Feast - avocado toast

2017-Aug-20 Tour de Feast - avocado toast

2017-Aug-20 Tour de Feast - salad option from avocado toast

Tea Cakes and Ice Cream ($10) everything made in-house
  • Interesting crumbly ice cream. Happily it didn't melt so quickly in the heat, probably thanks to the chilled tile serving plate.
  • Three small cakes but taste and texture of each cake was actually very nice.
2017-Aug-20 Tour de Feast - tea cake trio

Food presentation is rather good but attention to detail could make the overall experience better: Like wiping the sauce smudges off the edge of my salad plate; and not printing the daily special menu on paper with something crossed out on the other side of the sheet. And no thanks to other customers their brunch menu looks really ratty now. When they redo it, hopefully they catch the typos that linger.

Overall feels a little pricey but not by much. Probably taking advantage of their current popularity -- but what restaurant doesn't do that? At least not over-the-top.
Easy to walk-in for Sunday brunch. Looked pretty quiet at 10 AM but steadily busy starting around 10:30 AM.

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