Sunday, July 22, 2018

Red Robin Birthday Burger

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For being a part of the Red Robin Royalty program, every year Red Robin gives me a free birthday burger! I usually go with a friend who likes Red Robin burgers, and this year she ate my burger while I got a non-burger menu item from Red Robin. Last year my friend got a veggie fajita at the Red Robin downtown location and was quite pleased with it, so I gave it a go.

Veggie Fajitas ($14.99) Seasoned vegetables, black beans, mushrooms, cabbage and carrots. Served with Cheddar, salsa, sour cream and warm flour tortillas.
  • Tortilla filling come literally steaming hot to your table in a hot dish to help keep it hot. You assemble your own tortillas and when you run out you can ask for more. The kitchen does them in batches so you can't really ask for, say, exactly two more tortillas.
  • Did they forget the seasoning? Tasted horrible and with a bitter aftertaste, probably from the bell peppers.
  • Fortunately made palatable by the salsa, sour cream, cabbage, and cheddar cheese. Shredded cabbage is hiding under the sour cream.
  • Just the flavour is enough to not recommend it. The one redeeming quality however is that this is quite a lot of food and you probably don't need to steal any of your friend's bottomless fries.
2018-Jul-22 Red Robin - veggie fajita

2018-Jul-22 Red Robin - veggie fajita

2018-Jul-22 Red Robin - veggie fajita

2018-Jul-22 Red Robin - veggie fajita

Hop-Salt Fries ($6, bottomless) Steak fries hand-salted and seasoned with Tettnang and Hallertau hops, inspired by Samuel Adams Boston Lager
  • DISCLAIMER: I don't drink beer! I ordered these for, you know, science. And for everyone else who doesn't drink beer and is curious but doesn't want to be down $6 yet no wiser. I knew going in it was probably going to be bitter -- I was just hoping for "interesting" too.
  • Strongly bitter aftertaste from the seasoning, enough to make you forget any saltiness that might be on it. You are probably supposed to also eat them with the "Signature Beer Flight" ($4.50) seasonal special currently available. You will already have had a mouthful of bitter stuff and these bitter fries won't faze you at all.
  • If you don't drink beer, chances are you will think "what the hell"? At that point you can either give your order away to a beer-drinking buddy who might possibly appreciate whatever subtle hops flavours are here... or just slather it with the condiments at the table. Heinz ketchup does a fine job of rescuing these fries, and you don't even need that much.
2018-Jul-22 Red Robin - Hop-Salt Fries and fajitas for veggie fajita order

Friendly smiling service on a very hot Sunday afternoon. Not pushy at all about drinks, which I really like, especially when some days you just can't lunch considerable portions and might not even be able to finish one of Red Robin's considerable-portion drinks.

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