Thursday, August 22, 2019

Unchai Thai Restaurant

Unchai Thai Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Squeezed into this tiny space for a get-together with friends. They did accept a reservation, but get really anxious if your party does arrive on time and they clearly have people waiting to dine-in. It's a really small space so every customer is precious.

TIP: Don't be late! And expect to be asked if it'll be okay if they take away seats if not enough of your party shows up on time.

Rather interesting that they've dropped baby corn as an ingredient.

Roti with curry sauces ($4.99)
  • It's a Thai restaurant offering a Malaysian/Singaporean staple. That's ominous to begin with but I'm a sucker for roti so of course I had to order it.
  • The roti looks like it got fried into a crunchy crisp here and cut too large (plus it's now too stiff) to properly fit into the little cup of coconut flavoured curry.
  • You're ordering roti in a Thai restaurant, so be prepared for something different. If you need your roti to be close to the Malaysian or Singaporean style, go somewhere else for it.
  • Also price per portion is atrocious. Watch those 99 cents and just round up to the nearest dollar.
Fried Chicken Wings ($8.99)
  • Price feels atrocious. It's more than a dollar a wing.
  • If you can somehow overlook the price though, the seasoning and crispiness make this a winner. Even when it's cooled down to room temperature later, there was good crunch to it.
  • Sweet-savory seasoning makes it tasty, plus it was still juicy inside. Try a bite before you dip it in the unnecessary sauce.
Pad Thai Tofu with shrimp ($11.99 +$3 for shrimp, crispy pork, or chicken) tofu, egg, chive, bean sprout, peanuts, salted radish
  • "Shrimp" turned out to be prawns, not baby prawns. Not champion-sized tiger prawns either, but respectable enough to be called prawns.
  • Taste is okay. Like a lot of other things we ordered at Unchai, it hovers around mediocre to good and is therefore disappointing because of the portion of carby stuff compared to other Thai restaurants that just stack on the filling-ness with rice and noodles.
Boat Noodles Soup ($13.99) Pork meat, pork balls, pork blood, coriander, green onion, bean sprout, celery.
  • Not overly sweet but it continues the everything's sweet theme.
  • Pork blood is dissolved in the soup rather than the boiled chunks.
  • Taste is okay. More of a novelty than a must-try.
Pad Si Ew (Chicken or Pork, $12.99) rice sheet noodles sitr-fried with gai lan, egg, white onion
Unchai Curry Chicken ($14.99) Red Thai curry based in Unchai style with gai lan, long bean, Thai eggplant, bell pepper, Thai basil
  • Not spicy at all and on the sweet side like pretty much everything we ordered. 
  • If you need your curry to be spicy-hot, better call ahead and ask first.
  • With the rice this is probably your best bet for bang-for-your-buck filling meal dinner, passable at $15 for the tastiness.

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