Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet Jan "kakoulechiot"

Whoop! Even more spam profiles are contacting me through my Craigslist ad. It's sort of ironic, really. On dating/matching sites like Plenty Of Fish, guys can expect to have to do all the initiating. Also, no matter where you go (even real women on Craigslist), generally women will want to see a picture first and be in a position to reject the guys. But when it comes to finding suckers, every post by a man creates a feeding frenzy.
Are men more vulnerable to the desperation of loneliness?

Anyway, here's the message from Jan (, who has a more subtle way of hinting at being easy with "fun" in quotes.

Email #1


I kind of like your message, I am too lokking [sic] to meet someone but it's been kind of tough to find a decent guy. How about we meet at the mall or Starbucks? We could see if we are compatible and then maybe move on to more "fun" stuff, lol.
We can also meet at:

and see if we can talk a bit there.
Either way I really hope we can see each other real soon.

hope to talk to you soon

The dead giveaway is the website address (that goes to MeetLocals). Even if you thought it was a real site (but why would you even think that, given the context of meeting there -- there's Instant Messaging, or even just calling someone on the phone), as soon as it redirects, you ought to be hitting ESC or the red X to stop loading, close the window, and going back to your e-mail to delete her e-mail.
Don't bother blocking these people -- They probably get a new e-mail address every day and twice on Sundays.

Honestly, I wish these spam e-mails could be a bit more entertaining. At least with Taylor and Melissa, you got a hot pic. Not perfect-10 tasteful Playboy stuff, but still, at least it makes it worth your while to just open the e-mail, you know?

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