Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meet SchlatterBeckie, who doesn't have a pic for a craigslist affiliate marketing scam

Sad to say, after Taylor and Melissa, the Craigslist affiliate program scammers dropped in quality. didn't even send a picture before sending me a shortened link to her affiliate page!

Her email #1

Her email #2

Due to the unbelievable amount of men not serious about meeting just picture harvesting and emailing me false photos of themselves I have found it necessary to use a photo verifying service. I use because they do not charge. Have your picture verified and contact me. My profile id is LollyPopQT.
I apologize for the hassle. See you soon.

Her email #3
Haven't seen you yet... I'll be online for 20 mins. to IM if ya are up to it.

The third e-mail is a classic marketing trick to elicit an urgency to take action.
As we'll see in my next post about Catherine, even if all you have are words decent copywriting skills can be more powerful than sexy pictures.

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