Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cheap Frozen Pizza continues into the holidays

Hi Everyone!

You may know I'm into the sinful joys of easy "cooking" with frozen pizzas from SuperStore or Save On Foods, what with the apparent price war they've had on and off this year, with pizzas coming in as low as $5 or slightly under.

Going into the holidays, it looks like SuperStore is helping us out after the +7% HST by offering cheap pizza again. This time at $4 per pizza! Still not as good as Costco's 3 pizzas for $10 in terms of price per pound of pizza, but close, and with wider variety and thin crust option for the waist-conscious.

Sadly, I haven't seen the $4 ones at the Metrotown SuperStore, and the $5 pizzas they did have there looked big as far as the box goes, but if if you let it slide about inside, you'll realize it's probably 1" to 2" less than the box in diameter, if not more. After some unfortunate experiences earlier this year with thin-crust pizza from Delissio, I decided to give them a pass for now.

Instead, I picked up some garlic bread with cheese, in the form of McCain's Garlic Fingers. Superstore entices you to buy two packs for a net $1 discount, making them $4.49 each. Weight-wise they were comparable to pizzas, and they looked like pizzas, so I thought, "why not?" Basically, it looked like frozen garlic pizza.

Now as you know, everything looks better in ad copy. Well, this was no exception. The green herbs on it were so faint you had to look very closely to find them. There was at least a moderate amount of cheese, but overall the taste was very lacking. The garlic flavour was pretty weak for my taste. I suppose this might have been watered down for the masses to some sort of lowest common denominator (like the way Indian restaurants will prepare buffet curries with barely-any-heat spiciness), but with the item named "garlic fingers", I expected a little more oomph.

Overall, I'd recommend you give it a pass. For a few cents more, get a frozen pizza instead.

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